Pirates – Our Story and Creed

The Picasso Lake Pirates – Humble Beginnings

“WALK ON’S BRING IT UP!” – Our story begins as little more then a Group of Walk-On’s that frequented the same field – a field that we all came to see as a second home – and a few of the staff that kept us in order. Week by Week we played – A Group of disjointed Walk-on’s became Friends; and a group of friends became brothers and sisters in arms plundering and aggressively painting our fellow man.

Here the first seeds of “Team” were planted, at the Lake that became a home. Picasso’s Lake.

Onward to Plunder!

Supergame 2020 – OXCC. A Game that will forever live in Pirates history. Here this group of scalawags marched unto battle in support of Red – seeking plunder and glory – and plunder and glory We Would Have.

Leading up to this great scenario the first thoughts of turning this group of rambunctious pirates into an official “Team” had begun to be sown, plans hinted and loosely laid. Then as fate would have it – after 3 days of hard battles (And perpetuating absolute domination on behalf of Red) – the Red general stood tall – victorious before all on his stage – and then he declared:

“The Pirates are to be recognized as the Most Valuable Team”

And there – in that moment – like the christening of a newly minted ship – the final piece had been laid, and a team had been formed.

Its a Pirates Life for me!

Now you know our story – of how strangers became friends – became a family, who made a team. What’s it means to be one of us? We are a bunch of Heathens, perpetrators of Chaos and stewards of Paint. We drink whisky and rum, we burn the plants that deserve it; We are Speed-ballers, Scenario players, Magfed Snipers, FSR/Roundball it does not matter – we know how to Sling it. For fun, for plunder, for adventure and a touch of chaos – there is no better place to be.

The Pirates Creed

  • Don’t be a dick.
  • Sling Paint with honor (Don’t be a dick)

Want to be a Pirate? Contact us below and plan on meeting us on the field!